Gianni – Vespa Sportique 125cc 1962

Gianni. Italian DNA, imported from the UK, with a hint of Frenche with the Sportique label in his name. No matter his roots, this bronco’s a real tough one.

The birth of Gianni in ‘62, made the USA decided to establish the Navy SEALs, shaped after the image of this rough boy. Even after half a century, he’s still difficult to keep up with.

Looking at his tail, no one will deny Gianni has a great bum. A magnet for those into round and powerful. If scooters could twerk, he’d be setting the standard.

And that’s not the only edgy side of him. There’s some art deco like style in his torso that indicates interest in art. On the other hand, his leopard saddle shows a kinky, wild side. Cultivated and dark. He’s basically a bit of both.

Coolness galore with every ride, only for the strong hearted.

Note: 125cc (Motorbike)

Book Gianni now and enjoy the coolest vintage ride.
Price: 145 Euro/day, 240 Euro/weekend


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