Lammy J Tunnel

Lammy J

Lammy J

Lammy J – Lambretta J50 1967

Poison green, sharp lines, explicit tail. Meet Lammy J.

She’s a mix of Italian design, art deco, and some vintage sci-fi. Word has it that Flash Gordon’s Rocket Cycle was inspired by the lines of this very bike. You’ve got to give her credit for that. Urban legends aside, if you drive Lammy J, you’ll see Antwerp through Tuscan eyes. So better dress up in style like a self-respecting Italian, fashionable scarf and trendy sunglasses included. And don’t be surprised if people call Ciao Bella! as you pass. Lammy J tends to draw attention. Every ride on this beauty is La Dolce Vita in the purest sense.

Book Lammy J now and enjoy the coolest vintage ride.
Price: 115 euro/day, insurance, lock and helmet included.


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