Old Sparky

Old Sparky

Old Sparky – Union Sport-O-Matic 1958

Old Sparky is a special one. Not only because he’s the oldest of the Vintage Riders stable. But because you have to earn his ride. You don’t just mount Old Sparky. He decides to be ridden or not. It takes a ritual to get him going, and he’ll reward you with a trip that is an unlike sensation.

We found Old Sparky in North Holland, in a region known for cows, cheese, straw roofs and time holding still. Climb on his saddle and you’re instantly flown back to an era when life was lead at another pace.

Old Sparky isn’t your slick, polished bike. Nope, his body is scarred with nostalgia. If it comes down to experience, Old Sparky was there at the rise of Castro and Barbie, to name a few. Respect for that. Or to say it with Buddy Holly’s ‘58 hit; rave on, on this ‘58 one of a kind moped.

Book Old Sparky now and enjoy the coolest vintage ride.
Price: 90 euro/day, insurance, lock and helmet included.


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