Orange Gina

Orange Gina

Orange Gina – Motobecane Super Moby 40V 1971

Orange Gina is an all-original 1971 Motobecane moped. A nearly 50 year old orange fury with the voice of an old brothel keeper. Kick her and she’ll turn. Spin her and she’ll snore. She’s soft to handle, though hard on the tail. Providing a unique feel in moped country.

If you select her, you’re instantly transported to ‘71, the year Janis Joplin released her second album Pearl. Unknowingly dedicating it to the birth of this orange baby. So the least you can do, is to take Orange Gina to a long straight line of asphalt, head for a setting sun, and imagine how Janis’ rusty voice dresses the scenery.

Book Orange Gina now and enjoy the coolest vintage ride.
Price: 90 euro/day, insurance, lock and helmet included.


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