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Ruby – Honda Amigo 1976

This is Ruby, a vibrant red Amigo. Or should we say amiga, because she’s a lady?
Ruby was formerly known as a nurse’s moped. Probably because she’s loyal, versatile and easy going. She’s here to help you getting around. And she never makes too much fuzz about that. A gentle kick and she’ll fly you through the city as a peppy city sparrow.
Ruby is cute. And people will say she’s cute if you pass. But don’t lose yourself on her charming side. She’s a tough, multi-functional, and has a hidden strong side.
Until today, no one knows for sure whether our Ruby was designed after the character of Lindsay Wagner in the ‘76 series Bionic Woman, or the other way around. We believe it’s the latter. If you find out, tell us.

Book Ruby now and enjoy the coolest vintage ride.
Price: 90 euro/day, insurance, lock and helmet included.



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