The Fonz

The Fonz

The Fonz – Tomos S1 1979

Don’t underestimate The Fonz. He’s small but can cope with any bully on the playground.

The Fonz is a ‘79 chopper-like bike. Ape hanger handlebars for easy rides and a soft saddle against sore asses. He’ll provide you that chill flair while manoeuvring your way through all types of traffic.

1979 was the year The Dukes of Hazzard premiered in the US, and if The Fonz could have been flown over, he’d be in that show. Word. But he chose to stay in Europe and became the inspiration of Patrick Hernandez’ everlasting disco hit ‘Born to be alive’.

With The Fonz, you’re at the crossing of golden disco, and leather jackets.

So feel free to bring your vest, pop your collar and look blazin’. And don’t forget your walkman to pay tribute to Patrick – it’ll be a picture perfect.

Book The Fonz now and enjoy the coolest vintage ride.
Price: 90 euro/day, insurance, lock and helmet included.


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